Successful Exits

This “VistaPrint for Brazil” brings transparent, consistent pricing and reliable customer service to Brazil’s fragmented & inefficient online printing industry.

We have retained some equity in the company, which is still growing rapidly.

The world's best XMPP server - the worldwide standard for messaging and presence which powers the "Internet of Things".


Active Companies

Creating Artificial Intelligence systems that understand pictures, movies, words, and movement as well as people do.

In 2013, Vicarious' system achieved a tremendous milestone by reaching 90% success at correctly solving reCAPTCHA.

The future of finance: Silicon Valley-quality software for private wealth management.

Addepar's systems now manage over $100 billion in assets.

Willook focuses on the largely untapped digital legacy market. Their primary product is IfIDie, the most popular Facebook app for creating video or text messages to be published on a person's page after they pass away.

The company's mission is to create immersive, data-rich 3D environments and experiences accessible and affordable to a wide range of industries.

Matterport began shipping their 3D scanner in early 2014 and are developing a smartphone version as part of Google's Project Tango.

Fast, inexpensive, high-volume online dispute resolution by the creator of PayPal and eBay's dispute resolution systems.

Modria was recently selected by the American Arbitration Association to power their entire New York No Fault caseload.

This offshore aquaculture company is on the path to be the first licensed shellfish farm in US waters, with preliminary approval for the waters off Long Beach, California.



OnHand Agrarian is an on-shore aquaculture company based in Singapore, utilizing an innovative Multi-Trophic Recirculating Aquaculture System. They specialize primarily in grouper and crustaceans for the local seafood market.

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